Product properties

It is typically offered for machined parts made from semi-finished products. Even distribution of glass fibre reinforcement can offer isotropic behaviour. It has excellent heat and electrical insulation capability. Max. service temperature is up to 220ºC.

Electrically insulator: 
Resin-based versions
main area of use: 
Basic stucture material, Increased dimensional stability, rigidity, Raised temperature applications
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Densityg/cm3DIN EN ISO 11831.85
Flammability (UL94)-IEC 60707-
Water absorption, 24h/23°C%ISO 620,1
Dielectric constant-DIN 534835
Comparative tracking index (CTI)-IEC 60112150
Dielectric strength, 90°C in oil (parallel)kV/25mmIEC 60243-170
Dielectric strength, 90°C in oil (perpendicular)kV/3mmIEC 60243-139
Thermal conductivityW/ (K.m)ISO 8302, DIN 526120.22
Max. allowable service temperature in air, short termºC230
Max. allowable service temperature in air, long termºC220
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE):m/(m.K)x10-5ISO 11359, DIN 510451
Tensile strength (parallel)MPaISO 527280
Tensile modulus of elasticity (perpendicular)MPaISO 17818000
Compressive strength (perpendicular)MPaISO 604 500
Compressive strength, 200°C (perpendicular)MPaISO 604 280
Flexural stress at rupture (perbendicular)MPaISO 178350
Interlaminar resistanceNDIN 534634500
Average friction coefficient on steel---
Oil and grease resistance--
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  • A – applicable
  • B – partially applicable
  • C – not applicable


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Tolerances on thickness: 0; +0.3 Weight: 5.55 kg/fm Size of plate: 1000 x 1200 mm Tolerances on width: +0; +25 Tolerances on length: 0; +3 Availabilty: Can be ordered