Phenol resin and paper filler composite material. (Plates: EN 60893, PF CP 201, DIN 7735, HP 2061)
Often used as insulators in transformers and connecting devices, covers and inserts.

Product properties

Electrically insulator: 
main area of use: 
Basic stucture material, Increased dimensional stability, rigidity
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Densityg/cm3DIN EN ISO 11831.4
Flammability (UL94)-IEC 60707V1 - V0
Water absorption, 24h/23°C%ISO 62
Water absorption (3 mm)mgDIN 53495550
Dielectric constant-DIN 534835
Dielectric dissipation factor (1 MHz)-ASTM D 150, IEC60 250
Surface resistivityΩIEC61340-5-1
Dielectric dissipation factor (50 Hz)-IEC60 250
Comparative tracking index (CTI)VUL 746A
Dielectric strength, 90°C in oil (parallel)kV/25mmIEC 6024320
Dielectric strength, 90°C in oil (perpendicular)kV/mmIEC 602435
Dielectric strength, in oilkV/mmASTM D 149
Dielectric strength, in airkV/mmASTM D 149
Thermal conductivityW/ (K.m)ISO 83020.3
Chemical resistance at 23ºC: deluted acids-A*
Chemical resistance at 23ºC: strong acids-C*
Chemical resistance at 23ºC: aliphatic hydrocarbons-A*
Chemical resistance at 23ºC: chlorin dissolvents-B*
Chemical resistance at 23ºC: alcoholsA*
Chemical resistance at 23ºC: deluted bases-A*
Chemical resistance at 23ºC: strong bases-C*
Chemical resistance at 23ºC: aromatic hydrocarbons-B - C*
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE):m/(m.K)x10-5ISO 113592 - 4
Max. allowable service temperature in airºCIEC 60216150
Thermal class-VDE 0304E
Tensile modulus of elasticityMPaASTM D 638, ISO 178
Flexural strenghtMPaASTM D 790
Flexural modulusMPaISO 178
Tensile strengthMPaASTM D 638
Compressive strengthMPaASTM D 695
Tensile strength (parallel)MPaISO 527120
Tensile modulus of elasticity (perpendicular)MPaISO 1787000
Compressive strength (perpendicular)MPaISO 604 300
Flexural stress at rupture (perbendicular)MPaISO 178135
Interlaminar resistanceNDIN 534631900
Compressive strength (parallel)MPaISO 604 150
shear strengthMPaASTM D 732
Impact strength, Charpy (parallel)kJ/m2ISO 17920
Impact strength, Charpy notched (parallel)kJ/m2ISO 179-
Izod impact strength, notchedJ/mASTM D 256
(*) legend:
  • A – applicable
  • B – partially applicable
  • C – not applicable


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Tolerances on thickness: 0,02; +0,08 Weight: 0.43 kg/fm Size of plate: 1050 x 2050 mm Tolerances on width: +0; +25 Tolerances on length: 0; +3 Availabilty: Stock shape