Category A
Main characteristics: 

tensile stress at yield: min.30 MPa,
modulus of elasticity: min. 1300 MPa,
chemically resistant, weather resistant,
good weldability,
temperature range of use: from –20ºC to +90ºC
hardness: 70 MPa (ball indentation H961/30),
density: 0,91 kg/dm3,
lower purchase price (in comparison with other technical plastics),
electric insulating capability, even in wet medium.

Basic grade: 
The PP-h, the unfilled, unreinforced homo-polymer versions, such as DOCAPRÉN sheets and board are widely used in industry and everyday life.
Special grade: 
Reinforced, composite versions exist to satisfy special requirements, but characteristically not in semi-finished product use but in the mass production (injection molding) of special parts, such as for example in auto industry.
Main areas of use: 
Machine parts exposed to a smaller degree of mechanical wear, such as for example bearings, gearwheels, instrument housings, reservoirs, parts used in electroplating technology; electrically insulating parts; tanks, reservoirs used in the chemical industry, equipment, instruments used in the entertainment and advertising industry; elements of material handling systems, chutes, etc. exposed to a lower degree of wear. [At each application, the decrease of impact strength arising from the embrittlement of the material at low temperatures (below –10°C) has to be taken into account.]
Machining technology: 

Cutting (turning, milling, drilling, sawing): only traditional metalworking – or in certain cases, woodworking tools – carbon steel, rapid steel, hard metal, diamond can be used only in sharp design. Cooling is recommended, which allows high cutting rates, e. g. v = 200 –400 m/min for turning and milling, v = 50 –100 m/min for drilling.
Adhesive bonding: hard to apply.
Welding, forming: feasible.

DOCAPRÉN (PP – polypropylene) Products


Extruded plates


Flame retardant and electrically conductive PP version. It is ideal in microelectronics.


Extruded plates

grey, black

With ethylene monomer co-polymerized PP version having toughness at temperature down to -30°C-ig beside good mechanical and chemical resistant properties.


Extruded rods


30% glass fibre reinforced version. Improved dimensional stability and heat resistance.


Extruded rods, Plates, tubes

grey, natural

Unreinforced PP homopolymer. It has outstanding chemical resistance. Often used in chemical engineering, galvanotechnology, ventilation and equipment manufacturing, laboratory technology.


Extruded plates


Flame retardant version of Docaprén PP-H.