Category A
Main characteristics: 

tensile stress at yield: min.45 MPa,
modulus of elasticity: min. 1380 MPa,
machinable, chemically resistant, weather resistant,
temperature range of use: from –20°C to +90°C,
hardness: ball indention between 100–170,
excellent optical properties,
favorable market price (in comparison with PC),
electric insulating capability even in wet medium, small water absorption,
density: 1,2 kg/dm3

Basic grade: 
A traditionally widespread material in industry and everyday life in the field of safety glasses, constructional components, which is reinforced by the following properties: water-white, ca. 92% light permeability, great surface brightness and wear resistance, stability to tropical conditions, favorable and constant electrical properties, wide opportunities for machining. Molded and extruded versions are available, as well.
Special grade: 
There are surface coated versions with reduced surface reistance and high purity materials for medical applications.
Main areas of use: 
Machine details in the instrument industry subjected to small mechanical stress, as well as covers, instrument housings, safety glasses, covers used in the advertising industry, boxes, lighting boxes. When considering applicability, one has to take into account that it is not steam-proof, gives a luminous flame when ignited (HB flammability rate according to UL), it is liable to stress corrosion cracking, brittle in comparison with PC materials, sensitive to cutting stress locations and cracks easily.
Machining technology: 

Cutting (turning, milling, drilling, sawing): only traditional metalworking – or in certain cases, woodworking tools – carbon steel, rapid steel, hard metal, diamond can be used only in sharp design. Cooling is recommended, which allows high cutting rates, e. g. v = 200 –400 m/min for turning and milling, v = 50 –100 m/min for drilling. Sharp corners, slottings should be avoided, the value of minimal inlet radius and champfer is min. 1–2 mm.
Vacuum and thermoforming, adhesive boding, welding: feasible.

DOCAPLEXI (PMMA - polymethyl metacrilate) Products


Extruded rods, Plates, tubes


It offers an optimal combination of the described product characteristics, in a size selection corresponding to the traditionally widespread areas of application.


Extruded plates


PMMA sheets coated with nano-metal particles having Esd surface. There two grades: bending and not bending versions for thermoforming.