Category B
Main characteristics: 

high strength: 78–90 MPa (yield stress, tensile strength),
toughness ( grooved Charpy ): 3.5 kJ/m2 – 50 kJ/m2,
very good sliding properties: m = 0,1–0,3 (dry sliding on smoothed and ground steel),
favorable creeping resistance: 24–26 MPa tension for 1% extension in 1000 h,
temperature range for application: from -20°C to +115°C,
very high hardness (Rockwell): M 94 – M 96,
good fatigue resistance and damping capability,
virtually no expansion in the presence of moisture (negligible),
physiologically neutral, it can come in contact with food and medicine,
very good wear resistance in comparison with the PA and POM materials, in a non-abrasive environment,
density: 1,4 kg/dm3

Basic grade: 
PET (thermoplastic, saturated polyester, resulting from the polycondensation of terephtalic acid and ethylene glycol).
Special grade: 
In order to achieve better sliding and wear resistance properties, a lubricant filled version is available, with TF notation.
Main areas of use: 
Sliding elements with high loads; slide bearings; dimensionally stable machine details in precision mechanics; slide-wires; distributing pistons; pump elements; insulating elements in electric industry; rollers; gearwheels, etc.
Machining technology: 

Cutting (turning, milling, drilling, reaming, sawing): in order to avoid permanent tension, it has to be cut using small cutting forces and cooling. The minimum value of rounding and break-off can be 1 – 2 mm. Traditional tools can be used but only in sharp design. Cooling is strongly recommended, the applied speeds can be for example v = 200–400 m/min for turning, v = 150–300 m/min for milling, v = 50–80 m/min for drilling.
Adhesive bonding and welding: feasible.

DOCAPET (PET – Polyethylene terephtalate) Products


Extruded rods, Plates, tubes

natural, black

Unfilled PET product with special characteristics and crystallite structure, which is especially suitable for precision machining. It has a large mechanical load-carrying capacity, with very good sliding and wear characteristics.


Extruded rods, Plates, tubes


Due to the evenly distributed lubricant component, DOCAPET TF is an excellent PET composite. Not only its wear resistance is better, but even its sliding characteristics stand out among the other technical plastics. Consequently, even its "P×v" load carrying capacity is greater than the PA, POM and "natural" PET materials.