Carbon-fibre reinforced, high mechanical strength polyamide 66. It has improved heat resistance and dimension stability, reduced surface and volume resisivity. It is classified as electrically conductive material.

Product properties

Electrically insulator: 
main area of use: 
Increased dimensional stability, rigidity, Basic stucture material
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Densityg/cm3DIN EN ISO 11831.23
Flammability (UL94)-DIN IEC 60695-11-10HB
Water absorption in air, 24 h / 96 h, (23ºC)%DIN EN ISO 620.1 / 0.3
Dielectric constant-IEC 60250
Volume resistivityΩ*cmIEC600931010
Surface resistivityΩIEC60093109
Dielectric strengthkV/mmIEC 60243
Dielectric dissipation factor (50 Hz)-IEC60 250
Comparative tracking index (CTI)-IEC 60112
Thermal conductivityW/ (K.m)ISO 22007-4:20080.72
Chemical resistance at 23ºC: deluted acids-B*
Chemical resistance at 23ºC: strong acids-C*
Chemical resistance at 23ºC: aliphatic hydrocarbons-A*
Chemical resistance at 23ºC: chlorin dissolvents-B*
Chemical resistance at 23ºC: alcoholsA*
Chemical resistance at 23ºC: deluted bases-A*
Chemical resistance at 23ºC: strong bases-B - C*
Chemical resistance at 23ºC: aromatic hydrocarbons-A*
Melting temperatureºCISO 11357-3251
Glass transition temperatureºCDIN 5376548
Specific heatJ/(g.K)ISO 22007-4:20081.4
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE): 23 - 60ºCm/(m.K)x10-5DIN EN ISO 11359-1;29
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE): 23 - 100ºCm/(m.K)x10-5DIN EN ISO 11359-1;210
Max. allowable service temperature in air, short termºC170
Max. allowable service temperature in air, long termºC100
Min. allowable service temperature in air, long termºC- 30
Heat deflection temperatureºCDIN EN ISO 75, A
Yield stressMPaDIN EN ISO 527-2104
Modulus of elasticity (tensile test)MPaDIN EN ISO 527-25100
Elongation at break%DIN EN ISO 527-213
Flexural strengthMPaDIN EN ISO 178135
Impact strength, CharpykJ/m2DIN EN ISO 179-1eU116
Tensile strengthMPaDIN EN ISO 527-2104
Compressive strengthMPaEN ISO 604 1% / 2% 16 / 33
Notched impact strength, charpykJ/m2DIN EN ISO 179-1eA
Ball indentation hardnessMPaISO 2039-1200
Shore D hardness-DIN EN ISO 868
(*) legend:
  • A – applicable
  • B – partially applicable
  • C – not applicable


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Tolerance on diameter: +0.1; +0.8 Weight: 0.07 kg/fm Standard length: 1000, 3000 mm Tolerances on length: 0; +3 Availabilty: Can be ordered