In comparison with the general polyamide 6 materials, the DOCAMID 4.6 material has a greater degree of rigidity and creep resistance in a wide temperature range. It can be readily used in a higher temperature range (80 - 150ºC), where the PA 6, PA 66, POM and PETP materials are not suitable in terms of dimensional stability, resistance wear, heat ageing and fatigue.

Product properties

Electrically insulator: 
main area of use: 
Raised temperature applications, Basic stucture material, Increased toughness and abrasive wear resistance
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Densityg/cm3DIN EN ISO 11831.19
Flammability (UL94)-DIN IEC 60695-11-10V2
Water absorption in air, 24 h / 96 h, (23ºC)%DIN EN ISO 620.4 / 0.7
Dielectric constant-IEC 602503.8
Volume resistivityΩ*cmIEC600931015
Surface resistivityΩIEC600931015
Dielectric strengthkV/mmIEC 6024322
Dielectric dissipation factor (50 Hz)-IEC60 2500.13
Comparative tracking index (CTI)-IEC 60112400
Thermal conductivityW/ (K.m)ISO 22007-4:20080.37
Chemical resistance at 23ºC: deluted acids-B*
Chemical resistance at 23ºC: strong acids-C*
Chemical resistance at 23ºC: aliphatic hydrocarbons-A*
Chemical resistance at 23ºC: chlorin dissolvents-B*
Chemical resistance at 23ºC: alcoholsA*
Chemical resistance at 23ºC: deluted bases-A*
Chemical resistance at 23ºC: strong bases-B - C*
Chemical resistance at 23ºC: aromatic hydrocarbons-A*
Melting temperatureºCISO 11357-3295
Glass transition temperatureºCDIN 5376572
Specific heatJ/(g.K)ISO 22007-4:20081.7
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE): 23 - 60ºCm/(m.K)x10-5DIN EN ISO 11359-1;213
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE): 23 - 100ºCm/(m.K)x10-5DIN EN ISO 11359-1;213
Max. allowable service temperature in air, short termºC220
Max. allowable service temperature in air, long termºC130
Min. allowable service temperature in air, long termºC- 40
Heat deflection temperatureºCDIN EN ISO 75, A160
Yield stressMPaDIN EN ISO 527-2106
Modulus of elasticity (tensile test)MPaDIN EN ISO 527-23300
Elongation at break%DIN EN ISO 527-232
Flexural strengthMPaDIN EN ISO 178132
Impact strength, CharpykJ/m2DIN EN ISO 179-1eUnem törik
Tensile strengthMPaDIN EN ISO 527-2106
Compressive strengthMPaEN ISO 604 1% / 2% 20 /35
Notched impact strength, charpykJ/m2DIN EN ISO 179-1eA9
Ball indentation hardnessMPaISO 2039-1187
Shore D hardness-DIN EN ISO 86884
(*) legend:
  • A – applicable
  • B – partially applicable
  • C – not applicable


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