Among the fluoro-polymers PFA has excellent heat stability. Comparing to natural PTFE it has better creep resistance and mechanical properties. Welding is possible. PFA available in thin-walled tubes. Different colours are available.

Product properties

natural, translucent
Electrically insulator: 
main area of use: 
Excellent chemical resistance, Raised temperature applications
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Densityg/cm3ASTM D 792-002.17
Flammability (UL94)-DIN IEC 60695-11-10V0
Water absorption (23ºC)%ASTM D 570<0.03
Volume resistivityΩ*cmASTM D 2571018
Surface resistivityΩASTM D 2571017
Dielectric strengthkV/mmASTM D 14980
Dielectric constant (50-109 Hz) -ASTM D 150-
Dielectric dissipation factor -ASTM D 150-
Thermal conductivityW/ (K.m)ASTM C 1770.19
Melting pointºCASTM D4591305
Max. allowable service temperature in air, short termºC260
Max. allowable service temperature in air, long termºC260
Min. allowable service temperature in air, long termºC- 240
Specific heat (20ºC)J/(g.K)ASTM D45911.17
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE): 25 - 100ºC m/(m.K)x10-5ASTM D 69613
Tensile strengthMPaASTM D 489418
Shore D hardness-ASTM D 224055
Elongation at break (23°C)%ASTM D 4894300
Elongation at break (250°C)%ASTM D 4894500
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  • A – applicable
  • B – partially applicable
  • C – not applicable


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Tolerances on outer diameter: -0,1; 0.1 Tolerances on inner diameter: -0,1; 0.0 Nominal wall thickness: 0.5 mm Weight: 0.009 kg/fm Standard length: 15240 mm Tolerances on length: 0; +1 Availabilty: Can be ordered