Category D
Main characteristics: 

Excellent heat resistance (250°C) in air
Good mechanical load-carrying capacity at wide temperature range
Good tribological behaviour for composite
Excellent dimensional stability up-to 250°C
Excellent resistance against Gamma and Röntgen radiation
Difficult to burn
Good UV resistance

Basic grade: 
Unreinforced, unfilled natural PAI.
Special grade: 
Glassfiber, lubricant, MoS2 and PTFE reinforced PAI composites.
Main areas of use: 
The natur Torlon PAI (4203) has the best toughness and impact strength among the PAI versions. According to these it is often used as jig material, insulator and connector under wide temperature range in the micro-electronics and electrical industry. For sliding applications the tribo-composite version (PTFE and graphite filled) are offered (Torlon PAI 4301). Typically used at high temperature slide-bearing material with improved friction and wear behaviour. For better dimension stability the glass fibre-reinforced composite version is suggested (PAI 5530).
Machining technology: 

Cutting (turning, milling, drilling, sawing): hard metal, diamond can be used only in sharp design. Cooling is recommended, which allows high cutting rates, e. g. v = 250-500 m/min for turning and milling, v = 10 –30 m/min for drilling.
Adhesive bonding: feasible.


Extruded rods, Plates, tubes

Unfilled, natural polyamide-imide (PAI) having the best toughness among PAI products. Due to low heat expansion often used as precision part material at elevated temperatures. (upt to 250° C). Good electrical insulator.

Extruded rods, Plates, tubes
Color: grey

Improved sliding behaviour and wear reisitance due to 20% graphite and 3% PTFE additives. Excellent balance of mechanical properties and wear resistance for more demanding applications.

Extruded rods, Plates, tubes
Color: black

12% graphite and 3% PTFE are the main additives on natural PAI matrix. Preliminary material of tribological applications in wide temperature range.

Extruded rods, Plates, tubes
Color: black

It contains 30% glass fibre. Due to the reinforcement it has better dimension stability, higher stiffness, E modulus comparing to other PAI versions.

Extruded rods, Plates, tubes

Due to 30 % carbon fibre reinforcement it has better dimensional stability, stiffness, mechanical load carrying capacity.