Category D
Main characteristics: 

High mechanical strength (75 - 130 MPa) and hardness,
High temperature of applicacability (250-310 °C ),
Good strength at aelevated temperatures
Excellent wear resistance of tribo-composite versions
Good stiffness and dimension stability at high temperatures, too
Dificult to burn
Excellent electrical insulation for natural version
Good resistance to high energy radiation
good resistance against agening

Basic grade: 
Unreinforced, unfilled natural PEEK.
Special grade: 
PTFE-, graphite-, carbon-, glass fibre- reinfoced composites.
Main areas of use: 
PEEK can be used well in case of extrems of operating condition.: low or high temperatures, strong chemical effects, high mechanical and tribological loads and radiation. PEEK can be used in the field of e.g.: conventional machine prodction, aviation, nuclear and chical industry, transportation. Typical machine elements made of PEEK: gears, pump elements, sealings, valves, slide bearings, linings, controllers, pistons, jigs...etc.
Machining technology: 

Cutting (turning, milling, drilling, sawing): hard metal, diamond can be used only in sharp design. Cooling is recommended, which allows high cutting rates, e. g. v = 250-500 m/min for turning and milling, v = 10 –30 m/min for drilling.
Adhesive bonding: feasible.


Extruded rods
Color: natural, black

Unfilled, unreinforced polyetheretherketone (PEEK). It can be used up to 310°C for a brief period of time, long-term use is possible around 250°C.

Color: black

It has higher mechanical properties than GF30 and its sliding and wear behavior is excellent. Reduced surface and volume resistivity.

Color: black

Electrically conductive PEEK composite having CNT (carbon nano-tube) fillers. The surface resistance is 102 - 104 Ohm. Developed for electronics and electrical industry.

Color: natural

30% glass fiber reinforcement for better dimensional stability and higher strength characteristics.

Extruded rods
Color: black

Genuine bearing grade. It contains carbon fiber, PTFE and graphite filling material.

Color: natural, black, blue, yellow, red, green

Developed for medical and food industry applications. High purity, physiologically inert, resists high energy radiations, as well as chemical and steam sterilization.