Category B
Main characteristics: 

strength: 60–65 MPa (yieldstress, tensile strength)
high toughness, very good impact resistance even at low temperatures: does not break (notched Charpy),
good dimensional stability,
wide temperature range for application: from –60°C to +115°C,
hardness (Rockwell): M 70 – M 75,
good damping capability,
physiologically inert, it can come in contact with food and medicine,
favorable creep resistance: 17 MPa tension for 1%extension under 1000 h,
density: 1,2 kg/dm3

Basic grade: 
PC (thermoplastic, amorphous polymer)
Special grade: 
Among PC sheets used for safety glasses, UV-protected material is available, with LONGLIFE notation. The various surface color selections (grey, bronze...) that are widely known in the practice of glazing are available.
Main areas of use: 
Precision instrument elements, tools in contact with food; medical, pharmaceutical equipment; safety glasses, covers; constructional materials; advertising boxes; bus stops; insulating elements, etc.
Machining technology: 

Cutting (turning, milling, drilling, sawing): Traditional metalworking – or in certain cases, woodworking tools – carbon steel, rapid steel, hard metal, diamond can be used in sharp design only. Cooling is recommended, which allows high cutting rates e. g. v = 200–400 m/min for turning and milling, v = 50–100 m/min for drilling.
Adhesive bonding and welding: feasible.


Extruded plates
Color: clear, transparent

Two sides have antistatic surface layer, but the bulk material is electricllay insulator.

Extruded plates
Color: clear, transparent

Optical quality, eliminates the unfavorable properties of PMMA (plexiglas). Suitable for safety glasses. Not UV protected, basic version.

Extruded plates
Color: clear, transparent

Flame-retardant version. It belongs to the V-0 flammability class, whereas the other PC belong to V-2.

Extruded plates
Color: clear, transparent

The material has dual side UV protection, for outdoor use.

Extruded plates
Color: bronze, translucent

50% light permeability at every sheet thickness, with UV protection on two sides.

Extruded plates
Color: white, translucent

50% light permeability at 3 mm sheet thickness, with UV protection on two sides.

Extruded rods, Plates
Color: natural

Amorphous, unreinforced, not UV stabilized, permeable to light in the “natural” version, but not water-white, i. e. optical quality. Widely used in instrument manufacturing and food industry.

Extruded rods
Color: natural

Glass fibre reinforced version of DOCANAT PC 1000, resulting higher dimensional stability and modulus of elasticity.

Extruded plates
Color: black

On request sheets. Black sheet produced with the usage of technological waste materials. Available only in 3, 4 and 5 mm thickness. Typically used for cover and holder plate of electrical boxes. Sheet size: 1250 x 2050 mm.