Category B
Main characteristics: 

strength: 20–24 MPa (yield stress),
high toughness (notched Charpy): does not break,
good sliding capabilities: m = 0,2–0,3 (dry sliding on smoothed and ground steel),
machinable, weather resistant,
wide temperature range for application: from - 80°C to +110°C,
hardness (Shore): D 60 – D 65,
good damping capability,
does not expand in the presence of moisture, good resistance to chemicals,
physiologically neutral, it can come in contact with food and medicine,
HD 1000 material: good abrasion wear resistance in comparison with the PA, POM and the PETP materials,
density: 0,96 kg/dm3

Basic grade: 
HD 500 (smaller wear resistance, widely used in food and meat processing industry) HD 1000 (greater wear resistance, besides food industry, ideal material for abrasion material chutes)
Special grade: 
For environmental and recycling purposes, the materials denoted by HD 1000 R and HD 1000 R are available, which contain reclaims, furthermore, the antistatic version, denoted by HD 1000 ASTL, to prevent static charges.
Main areas of use: 
Sliding bearings, slide pads; cutting tables (food and leather industry); slide and container padding for material handling; rollers; small load gearwheels; insulators; shielding material in the electric and nuclear industry, etc.
Machining technology: 

Cutting (turning, milling, drilling, sawing):Traditional metalworking – or in certain cases, woodworking tools – carbon steel, rapid steel, hard metal, diamond can be used in sharp design only. Cooling is recommended, which allows high cutting rates e. g. v = 100–500 m/min for turning and milling, v = 50–100 m/min for drilling.
Adhesive bonding: not suggested.
Welding and forming: feasible.


Extruded rods
Color: white, black, green

In comparison with HD 500 it is extremely hardy even under –200°C and its abrasion wear resistance is better.

Extruded plates
Color: black

It has the best abrasion wear resistance and toughness. Electrically conductive material, protected against UV radiation. Surface resistance is 103 - 105 Ω.

Color: black, green

It contains partially recycled materials. The mechanical and economic characteristics are between those of HD 500 and HD 1000.

Extruded rods, Plates
Color: white, black

Due to moderate mechanical characteristics, it is used in locations subjected to lesser stress, it is highly economical.

Extruded plates
Color: black

It has improved heat resistance. Electrically conductive PE version. Surface resistance is 103 - 105 Ω. Often used in ectronics and microelectronics for housing and cover parts.

Extruded plates
Color: white, black

It offers an ideal combination from the aspect of rigidity, toughness, mechanical damping and abrasion wear resistance. It is readily weldable, as well. Besides the applications in food industry (certified), it is used in mechanical, chemical and electric industry, as well.

Color: white

Especially produced for implant application in medical activity.