Category B
Main characteristics: 

strength: 45–50 MPa (yieldstress, tensile strength),
high toughness, very good impact resistance even at low temperatures: does not break (grooved Charpy),
physiologically inert, it can come in contact with food and medicine,
hardness (Rockwell): R 104 – R 107,
good damping capability
thermal forming,
high purity,
density: 1,3 kg/dm3

Basic grade: 
Co-polyester version (VIVAK)
Special grade: 
UV protected material is available among the sheets used for safety glasses, with UV notation. Furthermore, the various surface color selections (grey, bronze...) that are widely known in the practice of glazing are available.
Main areas of use: 
Parts in contact with food; medical, pharmaceutical equipment; safety glasses, covers; materials in construction; advertising boxes; bus stops; insulating elements, etc.
Machining technology: 

Cutting (turning, milling, drilling, sawing): Traditional metalworking – or in certain cases, woodworking tools – carbon steel, rapid steel, hard metal, diamond can be used in sharp design only. Cooling is recommended, which allows high cutting rates e.g. v= 200–400 m/min for turning and milling, v= 50–100 m/min for drilling.
Adhesive bonding and forming: feasible.


Color: bronze, translucent

50% light permeability at 4 mm sheet thickness. Not UV protected version.

Extruded plates
Color: clear, transparent

Optical quality, eliminates the unfavorable characteristics of PMMA (plexiglass). Technically and economically, it is an optimal intermediate between the PMMA and the PC materials. Extremely tough material, its formability and plasticity is better than that of PC.

Color: clear, transparent

A version of the regular VIVAK sheet with UV protection on both sides, for outdoor applications.